Below are a small sample of services available
to our participants, both in and out of home.

Yard Maintenance

Lawns mowed, gardens trimmed and waste removed.

Personal care

Bathing, dressing, meal time, personal hygiene, around the clock.

Domestic assistance

PROVIDENCE can organise to have all of your regular home needs looked after - washing, ironing, cleaning, preparing food, whatever you require.

Social Support Services

Please check back soon for a comprehensive list of services.

Companionship and Transportation

A cup of tea, a conversation, play a game, go out to eat, see a show, do your shopping, attend appointments timely and safely

Rehabilitative Care

Your therapy and appoinments provided, managed and attended by you and one of our expert carers.

Respite Care

Temporary care, all attention while you recover.

Palliative Care

24 hour care, reassurnace, every step of the journey.

Private Nurse

Highly trained, poised and polite, there to tend you, 24/7.

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